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Give your child a kick start in their soccer progression. 

Welcome to the futsal training academy. Our goal is to build your child’s football skills so they can progress quickly in club football and reach their full potential on field and in games.


During each training session your child is trained in developing footwork and ball skills that can then be utilised and adapted during play in their club football games. 


We help your child build their creative ability for smart game play and we help them develop an intelligent game awareness that allows them to read the field better and adapt their own play to suit their opponent. 

Soccer Training

Technical skills are the foundation that will enable your child to progress quickly through their club football levels and nurture a life-long passion for their sport as they grow. Our highly skilled coaches nurture your child’s existing ability and skills and work with them to achieve their full potential both on and off the field. 


Our training is specifically designed to combine the creative and fun side of football with the essential skills for success play on field such as fast feet and skilful ball handling. 


Our program mirrors European standards and methodologies bringing your child indoors for drills and finer skill refinement and then balancing with coaching for the outdoor fundamentals including goal keeping, creating a well-rounded player that will impress on game day.

Girls During Soccer Practice

Our futsal training programs run both indoors and outdoors allowing progress regardless of weather each week. We also keep your child actively playing on our new indoor international-grade futsal court and large synthetic grass pitch, even though their club games may be called off due to weather. 

We also facilitate an on-site players gym, physiotherapist, mezzanine and viewing platform and  convenient car parking to access our venue.


Our coaching staff are specifically selected to lead your child to success in their soccer progression. Our head coach Steven Luburic has produced 21 A-League, Socceroos and international players to date - all starting with fundamental skill building such as futsal to improve player performance and build them from the ground up.


Anthony Tomelic from Football Fit FC will work with your child on injury prevention, strength and conditioning as these are essential for your child’s longevity in their sport.


The coaches are dynamic in their approach to suit each child’s ability and personality. Our coaches remain player-focused and authentic in helping your child achieve their goals on and off the field. All coaching staff are current Sydney FC and Joeys players.


Your child’s football success is our strongest asset.

Children's Soccer Coach

To find out more about accelerating your child’s club football progression fill out the form below and someone from the institute will be in touch to discuss your child’s needs. 

We look forward to your trial at Futsal Institute. Let's start your soccer success! A team member will be in contact with you soon.

Matthew Wardle

"Our son has been playing futsal for three years and made the Australian Team. Isaac has had specialised goal keeping training that enable him to gain the green and gold jersey. Isaac's ball skills have developed quickly through the academy training, that enabled him to gain a position as a field player in the Premier League.

Soccer Player
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