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There is something for everyone at Futsal Institute.

Your pre-schoolers have a fantastic opportunity to join our Little Futsal Stars and develop the passion for team sports!


Little Futsal Stars is fun program for children from 2-5 years to help build confidence, develop concentration skills and an ability to follow instructions. Our exercises will help enhance motor skills, balance and eye to foot co-ordination. This program flows into our Academy Phase once your player starts school.

Our coaches will spend 45 minutes a week teaching the children about the skills needed to play the game.

This is done through fun, game-based activities that promote children’s;

  • fun and enjoyment

  • confidence and self esteem

  • concentration skills & the ability to follow direction

  • social skill development of turn taking and participation

  • motor skills of balance, eye foot co-ordination

  • enhancing a healthy and active lifestyle

Little Futsal Stars classes are offered school terms across the week with our new release class on Wednesday afternoon.

Our programs run according to school terms at a cost of $155 which includes a jersey on your first signup.

Click HERE to sign your Little Futsal Star up today!

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