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Want to take your child's skill to the NEXT level with technical skill and ability?


✅ Open 7 days a week


✅ Community of like -minded people where teammates become family


✅ Beginner through to the elite player

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Golden Star
Golden Star
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Golden Star

"They just LOVE training the children and young adults. I feel it gives them a sense of satisfaction when they see how much a child has improved from one month to the next. This is because they are dedicated professionals wanting to pass on their skills and values of futsal, ensuring they get the best from every student. Thanks to Futsal Institute Team. Ps. I cannot believe they can remember every kids name in the institute."

- C.T., Father

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Every footballer can reap the rewards of Futsal Institute...

English Coach, Simon Clifford made the following statements:

About Us

Welcome to Futsal Institute - we have many points of difference when it comes to coaching players.

💫 Our system is unique as we combine the techniques of Futsal (indoor soccer) along with the outdoor game components. The result with this...

Highly skilful, adaptable and confident players who develop an ability to read the game and possess sharp, quick movements with the ball adding to their player credentials.

We invite you to bring your child along to experience the difference with us.

Bonus of indoors... never cancelled sessions due to weather - value for money!

Academy Phase Training - 5 - 16 years

Monday to Thursday: 5:00 - 6:30pm.
👉 You can select to train 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week.

We encourage for optimum advancement a minimum of 2 nights.

✅ This program is perfect for players of all levels and ages.

Elite Youth Training

Sunday: 5:00 - 7pm

This program does not offer a free trial but you're most welcome to enquire about it.

👉 Suitable for players aged 12 plus who have solid skillsets in footwork and playing ability.

Aim for the player who strives to play at the highest level and is looking to be challenged.

✅ Ideal for NPL players and those looking to move their game to the next level.

Futsal teaches players to learn key soccer skills at an accelerated rate. 

Not only do they learn faster, they learn them more efficiently.


Phone 02 9688 5632 for any enquiries.

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