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Debunking Myths: The Real Benefits of Futsal for Soccer Development

Updated: Jun 17

Futsal often faces criticism based on misconceptions about its impact on players’ health and development. Critics argue that futsal’s hard surfaces can lead to joint problems, increased injury risk, and that skills don't translate to the outdoor game. However, these views don’t hold up against the evidence and the real benefits of futsal, particularly for young, developing soccer players.

Myth: Futsal is Bad for Players’ Joints

One of the common criticisms is that futsal’s hard surface can be detrimental to players’ joints. While it’s true that futsal is typically played on harder surfaces than traditional grass fields, the risk to joints is not as significant as it might seem. Modern futsal courts, including those at Futsal Institute, use advanced materials designed to absorb shock and reduce the impact on players’ joints. These European-grade flooring systems ensure that the surface is not only safe but also enhances performance and comfort.

Myth: Futsal Increases the Chance of Injury

Another myth is that the fast pace and close quarters of futsal increase the risk of injury. In reality, the opposite is often true. The smaller playing area and limited number of players reduce high-speed collisions and the incidence of long-distance sprinting, which are common sources of injury in traditional soccer. The emphasis on ball control, quick passes, and tactical awareness in futsal actually helps players develop better coordination and agility, which can reduce injury risk in the long run  .

Myth: The Surface is Too Hard

Concerns about the hardness of futsal courts are largely based on outdated perceptions. Today’s futsal courts, like those at Futsal Institute, feature high-quality, cushioned surfaces that mitigate impact and provide a safer environment for play. These surfaces are designed to offer a balance between traction and smoothness, promoting swift, controlled movements without the risk of excessive strain on the players’ bodies.

Myth: Futsal Is All About Tricks

Futsal is a fast paced game that requires players to hold a ball under pressure, develop quick thinking game awareness, heightening game IQ, being comfortable and able in 1:1 and have technical and tactical ability. Players ball control, line of play, agility all lead to a confident and creative player, making them an asset for outdoor teams with their adaptability.

Myth: Futsal Is For The "Off Season"

Futsal can be an integral part of a footballers development, simply, why limit it when it can add benefit year round.

The Real Benefits of Futsal

        1.      Enhanced Ball Control and Technical Skills: Futsal’s smaller playing area and heavier ball improve players’ touch, control, and precision. Players engage more frequently with the ball, honing their skills more rapidly than they might on a larger field .

        2.      Improved Decision-Making and Reaction Time: The fast pace of futsal requires players to make quick decisions, improving their situational awareness and cognitive speed. This translates directly to better performance on traditional soccer fields .

        3.      Agility and Coordination: Futsal demands constant movement, sharp turns, and quick footwork, enhancing players’ agility and coordination. These physical benefits are crucial for developing well-rounded soccer athletes .

        4.      Confidence and Composure Under Pressure: Regular engagement in high-pressure, small-sided games builds players’ confidence and composure, which are essential for success in full-sized soccer matches .

Futsal Institute: Leading the Way in Sydney

At Futsal Institute in Prospect, Western Sydney, we have been at the forefront of promoting futsal for over 12 years. Our facility features professional European-grade flooring to ensure the well-being and safety of our players. We believe that incorporating futsal into year-round training programs is essential for developing agile, skillful, and game-intelligent players from an early age. By focusing on foundational skills and building upon them, we prepare our players for success in both futsal and traditional soccer.

In conclusion, the myths surrounding futsal are not supported by the evidence. Futsal is a valuable tool for player development, offering numerous benefits that complement traditional soccer training. At Futsal Institute, we are committed to providing a safe, supportive environment where young players can thrive and develop their full potential.

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