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Futsal Institute 

Futsal + Football =

The Ultimate Player Development System.

Futsal Institute is Sydney’s ultimate soccer venue. Players gym, a ball striking machine and more!

Apart from our training programs, the Institute is open to court hire, schools and community groups.


Contact us at:

Address: 32 Stoddart Rd Prospect NSW 2148. 


Tel: 02 9688 5632


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At the Institute we are committed to the player.

Programs that take players to the next level ensuring their evolution in 1 convenient location rain, hail or shine at times that are suitable to busy family lives.

Our players become technically skillful, develop composure on the ball and have an elevated game intelligence that will help them stand out from the crowd.

Our head coach Steven Luburic has been involved in the development of over 21 players throughout his coaching to date.

To name a few:

Massimo Luongo, Dimitri Petratos, Bernie Ibini, Connor Chapman, Jared Lum and Anthony Tomelic.

These players played futsal for Parramatta Blues under the coaching direction and mentorship of Steve. Highlighting that futsal plays a pivotal role in football development. 


Each year we compete in local, national and international competitions and tours.

In 2019 during our youth tour to the UK and Croatia, Steve partnered with 4 Croatian clubs which will enable our players to future pathway development and an introduction to the European football platform.

6 of our players invited to return to Croatia in 2020, as the Presidents stated their ability to use both feet is not seen in Australian players, highly impressed with the technical ability of the  FI squad, testament to our  coaching strategies and  systems. 


Futsal Institute is for players of all levels, beginners through to the elite player. We welcome you to trial with us and experience the difference.

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